Rkatsiteli, Pheasant's Tears, Kakheti, Georgia (2017)

Rkatsiteli, Pheasant's Tears, Kakheti, Georgia (2017)

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Before the Greeks, before the Romans, it was the Georgians who were making wine. Archeological evidence dates back 8,000 years and references to Georgian wines can be found in the writings of Homor and Apollonius, and even the Georgian alphabet seems to have its origins in the shapes made by the tendrils of grape vines.

Pheasant's Tears is the joint effort of American John Wurdeman, Georgian Gela Patalishvili, and Swedes Erik Andermo, Jakob Mörndal, and Henrik Callerstrand. They work to preserve and promote this ancient cultural legacy. All of Pheasant's Tears wines, including this Rkatsiteli--which means "red stem" in Georgian--are fermented and aged in the clay vessels called qvevri.

According to the winery, the effect of this time-honored winemaking process is to impart "distinctive nutty and savory aromas and flavors to the wine, adding layers of complexity. It also promotes the development of roundness and viscosity in the mouth, but keeps acidity fresh." 

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